The Fox Valley Symphony Youth Orchestra Program (YO) provides young people with quality ensemble music education, ensemble performance opportunities with high standards, and encourages personal discipline and dedication, advancing the critical links among music study, academic achievement, growth, and development.


Adam Brown, conductor

Philharmonia continues string students' musical ensemble growth from their school orchestra programs and the Lawrence Youth String Orchestra (LYSO). The suggested grade level is 7-10 at the start of the school year. Philharmonia performs two concerts a year of music at the advanced middle school or early high school level. Students work with area professionals to prepare their music and further their skill development. Applicants should have at least two years of orchestra experience and/or one year in LYSO.


Concert Orchestra
Greg Austin, conductor

Concert Orchestra was created to complete the continuum from LYSO to Youth Orchestra. Students continue their growth as they work on higher level repertoire, focusing on communication, collaboration, and expression while they refine their individual technique and ensemble skills. It is open to string students and the suggested level is 8th-12th grade by September 1st of the new school year. Concert Orchestra performs orchestral literature at the standard to upper high school level and members receive regular sectional coaching on the repertoire. Applicants should have three or more years of orchestra experience and perform individually at an advanced high school level.


Youth Orchestra: The Showcase Symphony
Dr. Luis Fernandez, conductor

The full symphonic Youth Orchestra was founded in 1974 and is comprised of around 70 of our most experienced young musicians. Students in this orchestra are already highly accomplished players and are now ready to focus primarily on the nuances of music. They play professional-level music and enter with a strong drive to play orchestral music with discipline and a high-level of musicality. It is open to string, woodwind, brass and percussion students, the suggested level is 9-12th grade by September 1st of the new school year. Applicants should have several years of band or orchestra experience and perform individually at an advanced high school or pre-college level. Students receive regular sectional coaching by professional musicians.


For more information about our programs, please contact Rachel Richards, Executive Director, Fox Valley Symphony Youth Orchestra Program:
Email: Rachel@foxvalleysymphony.com

Tuition and Fees
Total Payment for the year is
YOUTH $400

We do accept partial payments. Full amount should be received by November 6, 2023. Please contact Rachel to make these arrangements.

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