What is a Sinfoniac?
A Fox Valley community member who’s willing to take a risk to learn a new musical instrument, be part of Fox Valley Sinfonia, and help sustain the real Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra.

What is Fox Valley Sinfonia?
A random collection of about 60 Sinfoniacs who each take five lessons on a new instrument, rehearse four times as a full orchestra, and play a once-in-a-lifetime live concert under the direction of local conductor Craig Kellenberger.

What’s in it for me?
  • An invitation to the “instrument unveiling” party at Heid Music, plus two free tickets to the FVSO concert that evening at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.
  • Free lessons from a professional musician on a brand-new-to-you musical instrument.
  • The chance to “wow” family and friends (or make a fool of yourself in good fun... depending on your practice regimen).
  • A new entry for your resumé or LinkedIn profile.
  • A unique networking opportunity to work together and make new friends.
  • The chance to be “instrumental” in supporting the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra’s artistic and educational mission.
What’s in it for the Fox Valley Symphony?
  • Sharing the value of symphonic music with a new group of people.
  • Increasing awareness of the real FVSO so that we can reach a larger audience.
  • At least $50,000 (that’s our goal) to help fund the upcoming FVSO season and its youth orchestra program.
What’s expected of me?
  • Raise at least $350, either in pledges from friends or colleagues or as a personal contribution (we’ll provide fundraising tips to help you do that).
  • Take five lessons with your instrument group from a professional musician.
  • Be part of three full-ensemble rehearsals plus the dress rehearsal.
  • Encourage friends, neighbors, and even people you don’t know, to fill the concert venue.
Can I choose my instrument?
When you sign up, you can indicate your top choices for the instruments you’d like to play or any to which you may be absolutely opposed. To provide a good sound balance, the conductor will make the final decision based on your application. You’ll learn your instrument assignment and meet your instructor at the instrument unveiling party at Heid Music.

What are my options?
Here are your instrument options and our target number of players:

Violin 1 – 8
Violin 2 – 6
Viola – 6
Cello – 8
Bass – 4

Flute – 4
Oboe – 4
Clarinet – 4
Bassoon – 4

Horn — 4
Trumpet — 4
Trombone — 4
Tuba — 1

Percussion — 5 

How do I sign up?
Head over to our online form, and you’ll be signed up before you know it!
The sooner you sign up, the more likely it is that you’ll get your first-choice instrument.