Big Arts in the Little Apple

The Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra is excited to lead a multi-part collaboration celebrating music and the visual arts in our community.

Each year, Appleton Area students learn about and listen to a featured piece of music. After listening and learning, they respond with the creation of their own artworks in their visual art classes.

This year, over 900 students submitted artwork inspired by Mothership by Mason Bates.

"The mothership floats high above, an orchestra pulsing rapidly with a heart of techno. At several moments in the piece, various soloists dock with the mothership, dropping in with solos both virtuosic and lyrical. The work was commissioned by Michael Tilson Thomas and the YouTube Symphony which premiered the work in March 2011 at the Sydney Opera House in Australia."

This piece was performed featuring student artwork during our March 9, 2019 concert.

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