FVSO Names 2012 Bravo Award Winners

May 30, 2012

The Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra (FVSO) honored their volunteers with three Bravo awards at the 2012 Annual Meeting. The recipients were board members Mary Harp-Jirschele and Renee Boldt and Lawrence University’s Dr. David Becker.

The Bravo Award is given to those outstanding volunteers who consistently go above and beyond expectations for the FVSO.

“We depend on our board members, our friends, and all the community volunteers who lend their passion, enthusiasm, wisdom and expertise to the Fox Valley Symphony,” said Executive Director Rosie Cannizzo. “It’s a privilege to be able to recognize three individuals who have made huge contributions to our organization over the years.”

Dr. David Becker:
FVSO Board President Phil Snyder explains, “When the FVSO went looking for an interim conductor for the Youth Orchestra last fall, Director of Youth and Education Melissa Gurholt and the Education Committee listed their dream team, and at the top of the list was a man thought impossible to get: Dr. David Becker of Lawrence, the Director of Orchestral Studies and Conductor of the Symphony, Chamber and Opera Orchestras, and the recipient of the Lawrence University 2010 Excellence in Teaching Award."

Dr. Becker took on the role of Youth Orchestra conductor for the first semester, while the FVS searched for a new full-time Youth Orchestra conductor. Snyder adds, “Dr. Becker inspired another wave of promising musicians and allowed us to do even more with program development.”

Carine Renner, a violist with the Youth Orchestra and senior at Appleton North, said, “Dr. Becker treated us as if we were professional musicians. He told us that everyone in the orchestra needs to play well, that everyone is responsible for how well we do.”

Renee Boldt:
“On the board for the last 10 years, chairing several committees and serving as president for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons, Renee Boldt is a classic volunteer and the symphony is extremely lucky to have captured her passion, energy and organization,” said Snyder.

“Renee is an excellent spokesperson and cheerleader for the symphony, and one of our most effective fund raisers. This year she was instrumental in launching our 45th Anniversary Campaign by lining up several significant contributions. Wherever there was a need for a phone call, a letter, a meeting with potential donor, Renee was there.”

Mary Harp-Jirschele:

Mary joined the board in 2004 and was president in 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. In 2012, she lead the effort to find a new Executive Director for the FVSO.

“Mary juggled an amazing number of details that are involved in the search that led us to Rosie,” said Snyder. “She wrapped the search in care for interviewees, ensured that everyone on the board had an opportunity to meet the finalists, triggered the background check, and so much more.

“I’ve never known someone who is better connected and who knows more about what’s happening in the community than my friend Mary, and the symphony benefits, as a result. The impact this woman has on the Fox Valley Symphony and the entire community is astonishing and humbling.”

“David Becker, Renee Boldt, and Mary Harp-Jirschele demonstrate every day what it means to be a valuable member of your community and to give your time and talent to make the world a better place,” said Cannizzo. “The Fox Valley Symphony is truly lucky to count them among our friends.”

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