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The Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra has commissioned original artwork inspired by our incredible 50th Anniversary Season concerts. Each of the talented, local artist will take inspiration from the music of each concert in the regular season and produce an original artwork.

The artwork will be reproduced in a limited run series of commemorative posters that will be available for purchase the night of the concert.

Order A Full Set Today! With only a limited number of commemorative posters available, purchase your set before they run out. Sets guarantee you a copy of all five signed commemorative posters all bearing the same number in the edition.

Artist Lineup:

Concert 1 - September 28, 2016
Cristian Andersson


Cristian Andersson was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1971, and lived most of his life in Appleton. He grew up around its strong contradictions of the American Midwest: long expanses of farmland dotted with mid-sized cities; hot summers and long, cold winters; cities that flourished in the industrial age, but are now struggling for identity.

Cultural products of Scandinavia had another strong influence on Cristian. The austere beauty, cold realities, and rich fantasies of all of these things further reinforced the contradictory nature of his Midwest upbringing. Which, in turn, became the foundation for Cristian's art.

If all of that sensory contradiction is the base of Cristian's work, then the structure is built upon the temporal nature of our reality. In an instant, what we assume will always be there can dissolve. Cristian's parents divorced and the family business closed. It was the premature death of his father, Nels, which prompted Cristian to leave his drastically different career at a credit union to focus on his artwork in 2010.

The design sense of Cristian's cubist tendencies is countered by large amounts of expressionsitic marks and color fields. In almost any given painting, one can find a range of application levels: heavy layers of paint will be along thin washes that barely coat the primed canvas. Cristian strives to make work that reminds him of what it is to be a human. We need, we love. We create, we consume. Contradictions abound, and it is these stark differences that Cristian hopes to always highlight in his art.

Concert 2 - November 19, 2016
Ezra Saum, Highlands Elementary


As part of our Big Arts in the Little Apple community collaboration, Ezra, a 4th grader at Highlands Elementary, learned about Ein Heldenleben and responded with the creation of a piece of visual art. Of over 600 submissions from students across the Appleton Area School District, Ezra's was chosen by our jury of experts as the piece to be featured on the commemorative poster for the concert.

Click here for more information on Big Arts in the Little Apple.

Concert 3 - February 4, 2017
Emily Reetz


Appleton, WI has been the setting of most of my life's story. In addition to being a wife and mother of three little ones, I've spent the past year illustrating it's timeless spaces and establishments. I most enjoy drawing the much-loved local businesses that survive decades with little change and lots of charm. I've seen my work renew a heartwarming type of hometown pride among Appleton's residents. I hope to continue sparking fond connections for people who also appreciate this city and look forward to exploring new artistic opportunities as they come along.

Concert 4 - March 15, 2017
Stephanie Harvey


Stephanie Harvey is a photographer and print maker with a passion for community art projects. She attended the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, which is where she fell in love with printmaking. Much of Stephanie's work is based on the reevaluation of traditional gender stereotypes. She strives to make a stand for a more comprehensive understanding and acceptance while still trying to maintain a bit of lightheartedness about the subject. Stephanie enjoys the enthusiasm that comes from teaching children and exploring art.

Concert 5 - May 6, 2017
Lee Mothes


Lee Mothes draws and paints beaches, ocean surf and imaginary places. He grew up in Southern California and spent his first forty years on the California and Oregon coasts. He returns every year to the beaches he loves to take photos, watch the waves and sketch ideas. He works with graphite, acrylic and watercolor to capture the light, the movement and the energy of oceans waves.

Besides his surf paintings, Lee continues to add images and other details to The Commonwealth of New Island, an imaginary island-nation and ongoing work of art. He also teaches art part-time to high-school students.

Lee studied art at California State University at Long Beach, California College of the Arts and Western Oregon University. He began painting full-time in 1990 when he opened his Oceans and Dreams studio in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. and