Music + Art = Artistic Adventures

The Fox Valley Symphony is dedicated to bringing live symphonic music to our area youth. By partnering with the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and The Trout Museum of Art, we hope to broaden the exposure to and appreciation of the arts to our local elementary students.

This new partnership is also allowing us to open the program to more schools and more classrooms, reaching grades 2 through 5.

In 2016-17 our Artistic Adventures will be inspired by the classic storytelling of Little Golden Books.

Teachers - You can sign up by calling (920)730-3786 or visit:

Our program has three main components:

The Trout Museum of Art & String Quartet (Fall):
Field trips begin in late September, so sign up now! Your students will visit the Fox Cities Building for the Arts and enjoy the Golden Legacy: Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books at The Trout Museum of Art! After immersing yourself in the art, you will meet our Fox Valley Symphony String Quartet and learn how music and art connect. The string quartet gives students their first up-close look at the instruments while discussing some musical terminology and getting them ready for the Spring concert.

Classroom Activities (throughout the year):
We provide a curriculum booklet and CD to share with your classroom which includes activities to familiarize your students with the orchestra, different families of instruments, and our composers. We also have activities to tie music to visual arts. You can incorporate these activities into your classroom from now until the concert in March. We look forward to hearing about what your students learned from their activities and what parts they enjoyed the most.

Spring Concert:
Bring your students to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center on March 20, 2017 at 12:30pm for a full symphony concert! This concert showcases the Fox Valley Symphony Youth Orchestra, our top group of young musicians from the region, made up of high school student musicians. And you will get to see your own artwork projected on a screen above the stage!

History of the Program:
The Fox Valley Symphony Education program began in 1991 under the name Partners in Education thanks to a generous contribution by former Symphony League member Bettyjo Heckrodt. It has continued through grants and contributions from individuals and corporate sponsors. Adding the collaborative efforts of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and the Trout Museum of Art in 2014, the program was renamed Artistic Adventures. Our collaborations will allow us to reach a greater audience and include a gallery visit in our program. We are grateful to both organizations for this wonderful opportunity!

For questions or more information please call (920)730-3786.

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