BRIAN GRONER, Music Director
Endowment: Sandra Lemke & Monroe Trout Maestro
Brian Groner, the Sandra Lemke and Monroe Trout Maestro, has been Music Director of the Fox Valley Symphony since 1995. He is also the Music Director of the Harper Symphony Orchestra in Illniois and the Elkhart County Symphony in Indiana.

As an active guest conductor,he has appeared on the podium for many notable ensembles including the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, the San Diego Symphony, the Chicago Sinfonietta, the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and has toured with the Moscow Classical Ballet.

His concerts have been featured on satellite broadcasts by National Public Radio in over 50 major radio markets across the nation. A recent review stated, "Much of the credit goes to Brian Groner, whose work with the Fox Valley Symphony is well known and much celebrated. Groner has the ability to invite his players into that state of mind that separates the exceptional conductor from the merely competent."

Sandra Lemke & Monroe Trout Maestro
Brian Groner
Endowment: Sandra Lemke & Monroe Trout Maestro

Yuliya Smead, Concertmaster
Alyssa Yank, Associate Concertmaster
Justyna Lutow-Resch, Assistant Concertmaster
Danielle Simandl, Principal Violin 2
Angelica D'Costa, Assistant Principal Violin 2
Janet Bond Sutter
Caroline Brandenberger
Catherine Bush
Jennifer Coopman
Melissa Gurholt
Dorothy Hollenbach
Sarah Koenigs
Erik Leveille
Jerad Miller
Alicia Mose
Lori Murphy
Audrey Nowak
Brian Sas
Jill Sousek
Marvin Suson
Laura Thompson
Ann E. Wendel

Barbara Beechey, Principal
Renata Hornik, Assistant Principal
Jane Bradshaw Finch
T.J. Hull
Cheryl Konkol
Steven Schani
Ann Stephan
Tara M. Stevenson

Laura Kenney Henckel, Principal
Charles Stephan, Assistant Principal
Heather Anderson
Jonathan Hodges
Nancy L. Kaphaem
Kimberly Souther
David Veum
Carrie Willer, Ph.D.

Susan Sullivan, Principal
Scott Breyer
Doug Bistrow
Andrew Sachen
Ronna Swift

Linda Nielsen Korducki, Principal
Beth Kinzel
Suzanne Bunker Jordheim, Flute/Piccolo
Jennifer Hodges Bryan, Principal
Leslie Outland Michelic, Oboe/English Horn

Chris Zello, Principal
David Bell, 2nd/Eb Clarinet
Penny Paiser Wilson, 3rd/Bass Clarinet

Patricia Holland, Principal
Sharon Peterson

Bruce Atwell, Principal
Katherine Seybold, Assistant Principal
Kelly Hoffman, 2nd Horn
Elizabeth Olson, 3rd Horn
Paul Litterio, 4th Horn

Michael Henckel, Principal
Rand Skelton
Justin Olson

Kyle Samuelson, Principal
Roy Fine
Eric Larson, Bass Trombone

Marty Erickson, Principal

Paul Ristau

Jim Robl, Principal
Scott Elford
Marisol Kuborn
Fred Poppe

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Alison Attar

Sarah Marquez

Eric Larsen, Personnel Manager
Janet Bond Sutter, Music Librarian
Scott Breyer, Stage Manager

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